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Inserts >> Boss: Outbox

Inserts >> Boss: Outbox


This printable collection designed by The Reset Girl is part of the Boss Planner Collection and is intended to be used for planning in your business.


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The Boss Planner insert collection was designed with the entrepreneur, blogger and/or girl boss in mind. This Outbox pack is a component of the Boss Planner and is meant to work with the Taking Care of My Business weekly inserts and the Inbox pack.

The Outbox Concept: As a new entrepreneur, I struggled with the number of things I needed to learn and track in order to grow my business and develop myself as a leader. One facet of business building is managing all the tasks and resources one needs to sell a product, develop content or manage relationships. Just like I have an “inbox” for inwardly developing my business acumen, the “outbox” is for helping to share what I have learned outwardly with the world. Besides keeping me on track administratively, it also helps me take the learning I absorbed from my “inbox” time and use it to develop content or product for my audience.

The Outbox Inserts are tools designed to help you create organization within your business so you can focus on important things like developing content or making sales. The pack includes trackers for your daily tasks, ideas, and concepts, collaborations with other businesses or brands, and managing follow-up with your clients, fans or contacts. In addition, there are master sheets for listing ALL the tasks you have that week, month or year.

Call ‘Em Back: A handy tool to track who needs their call returned. This sheet works great with the Taking Care of My Business weekly planner as you can transfer items from this list into your weekly schedule.

Follow Up: Distractions are easy to get us off course, and one thing I do to avoid them is a scheduled follow-up hour each day or week to return messages, emails and texts all at once. With so many ways people can contact us (social media, blog comments, email, text, YouTube comments, etc.), it is easy to forget how that person reached out to you in the first place. Jot down those messages in one place so you can work through the list during a scheduled time of the day or week for follow-up. Another awesome sheet that works well with the Taking Care of my Business Weekly planner.

All the Tasks: The perfect way to record all those tasks in one place. How I use this: I love making lists, and one of the benefits of list making is you get to see a big picture overview at a single glance. I jot down all the tasks/projects I have to do for the month or year on these master list sheets. As additional tasks pop up I add them to the list, too. At the beginning of each week, I review my master Task list and decide which if any need to be added to my Master planner page (right side of the Taking Care of My Business spread). After assessing all the tasks, projects and follow up on the  Master planner page in my planning session, I decide how many tasks can be batched together and added to a specific day or two in my weekly planning page (left side of the Taking Care of My Business spread).

Getting It Out: A great sheet for brainstorming, brain dumping or jotting down those awesome ideas that strike without warning. Keep them all here for easy reference.

Collaborations: Manage and track those relationships with other brands and biz friends you want to support and work with.

Outbox Master List: Consider this your resource list of all the content and projects you can work on during your scheduled “outbox” time. How I use this one: I list workshops I want to offer, a content series I want to create, a campaign I want to start.




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