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Word Threads: Threadies


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These cute little thread spool stickers are a cute but practical way to visually connect verses throughout the Bible. You can use them to mark words you are studying, people, characteristics, etc.


  • No. of sheets: 1 sheets
  • No. stickers: 150 total in 9 colors
  • Size of sheet: Half sheet approx. 5″ x 7.75″
  • Paper type: Glossy¬†sticker stock

How the Threadies Work as a System:

Use a single color of a Threadie as a way to identify a theme or a word study in your Bible pages. Every time you place a threadie spool, be sure to mark down the location of the next threadie (like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs).

Add a matching Threadie Tab at the top of the page to call out the placement of the Threadies throughout your Bible

Create a little ‘key’ for yourself using a matching ‘Threadie Box’.¬† Record in the box what you are ‘threading’ together.


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