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Word Threads: Tabbies


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These cute little thread spool stickers are a cute but practical way to visually connect verses throughout the Bible. You can use them to mark words you are studying, people, characteristics, etc. The TABBIE stickers mark the edges of your pages to indicate where you have a Threadie noted.

TABBIES are double-sided, they fold over at the top so the spool is visual from the back as well. See photos for example.


  • No. of sheets: 1 sheets
  • No. of stickers: 42 large tabbies and 28 mini tabbies
  • Size of sheet: Half sheet approx. 5″ x 7.75″
  • Paper type: Glossy sticker stock

How the Threadies Work as a System:

Use a single color of a Threadie as a way to identify a theme or a word study in your Bible pages. Every time you place a threadie spool, be sure to mark down the location of the next threadie (like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs).

Add a matching Threadie Tab at the top of the page to call out the placement of the Threadies throughout your Bible

Create a little ‘key’ for yourself using a matching ‘Threadie Box’.  Record in the box what you are ‘threading’ together.


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