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The Holy Habits FaithBook 2023 Fall



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The Holy Habits FaithBook Fall Edition: Your Ultimate PlayBook for Building the Habits that Matter

This extraordinary digital workbook is meticulously crafted to guide you on a transformative journey towards spiritual maturity in Christ.


Elevate Your Faith Journey

Embark on a unique adventure with our Part Crafty Club PlayBook, part planner, part memory keeper, and part accountability partner. This versatile tool is thoughtfully designed to empower you in cultivating the essential habits every believer should embrace.

Features that Ignite Your Spiritual Growth:

  1. Rooted Theme/Trend Story

Dive into a captivating narrative that grounds you in the foundational truths of your faith. Let the story weave its way into your heart, leaving you inspired and equipped to walk closer with God.

  1. Rooted Mood Boards

Visual inspiration meets spiritual devotion. Be inspired by and create curated mood boards that encapsulate the Rooted theme.

  1. Activity Pages

Enjoy simple crafting opportunities as well as practical pages in your book for note-taking, sticky notes or any use you can think of.

  1. Pondering the Proverbs Challenge

Delve into the wisdom of Proverbs and discover the practical insights that can shape your daily walk with Christ. This challenge will leave you with a treasure trove of timeless lessons.

  1. Self-Care BINGO

Nurture your body, mind, and spirit with our self-care bingo. Embrace a holistic approach to your well-being, recognizing that taking care of yourself is an integral part of your spiritual journey.

  1. The ABCD’s Holy Habits Prompts for Fall

Immerse yourself in the autumn season with prompts tailored to help you integrate holy habits into your daily routine. Embrace change and growth as you transition through this beautiful season. Scroll down for more details on this system.

  1. Seasonal Trackers & Documenting

Stay connected by developing journaling habits using dedicated trackers and documenting pages. Witness the beauty of God’s working in your life as well as the magic of ordinary events in your life.

  1. G.L.A.D. Listing

Gratitude, Learning, Achievements, and Delights – celebrate your milestones and cultivate a heart of thankfulness with this powerful tool. These spreads help you document all the little things each month.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your faith to new heights. The Holy Habits FaithBook is not just a workbook; it’s a companion on your journey towards a more purposeful and spiritually enriched life.

Invest in your spiritual growth today and experience the profound impact of holy habits in your life. Join us in The First Love Club’s mission to inspire believers to live out their faith with intention and passion.

*Unlock the secrets to a deeper, more meaningful faith journey with the Holy Habits FaithBook. Get yours now and step into a new realm of spiritual growth!*


The ABCD’s of Holy Habits: A Transformative System

Developed by Cori, the ACBD’S of Holy Habits is a systematic approach to building Christian habits. This system will guide you to:

  • Ask (according to the Word): Pray through specific passages of scripture and for specific topics outlined for you…no guesswork!
  • Be (the Word): Develop characteristics outlined in the Bible, working through a provided list of suggested activities one at a time.
  • Create (with the Word): Combine your creative gift with growth in Christ using our specially designed prompts and suggestions.
  • Do (the Word): Perform acts of love towards others with ease using the listed activities provided.
  • Study (the Word): Receive guided prompts for reading specific passages and digging deeper into the Bible.

The flexibility of this system allows you to pick and choose prompts based on your needs and schedule them into your planner, calendar or agenda. They aren’t just prompts, but actionable tasks.

Plus, Additional Bonuses:

The FaithBook also includes activity, art journaling, and memory-keeping pages similar to those found in the Rooted Magazine, which is also available in our shop!

During this season, our First Love Club.House (our membership community) will be focusing on the inspiring theme of Rooted. Concepts from this theme have been seamlessly woven into The Holy Habits FaithBook, encouraging you to study the Bible, create, pray, and more using this unique perspective.

Designed to span the last three months of the year, this FaithBook is your roadmap to a spiritually enriched life. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to deepen your faith and embrace building holy habits.

Elevate your faith journey with The Holy Habits FaithBook. Get yours now and step into a new realm of spiritual growth!


Finished Book Size:

7” X 9.25” (you can choose to print 8.5”  X 11” by printing at about 120%)

50 PRINTABLE full-color pages


Print book on 32 lb. paper for the most luxurious crafting experience.

Print pages DOUBLE-SIDED.

Covers are separate files to print to cardstock.


You can bind this book any way you wish, it’s totally up to you!

Cori’s preference: discbound. Amazon has a large variety of discs.

You will receive 1 zip file – for zip file help go HERE
File with main contents of the book
File containing the front and back cover
Directions for printing at home or taking to a printer
Printing authorization letter


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