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Rooted Magazine 2023 Fall



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Introducing ROOTED Magazine: Your Personal Journey of Reflection and Growth

Welcome to ROOTED Magazine, a unique PRINTABLE book specially designed for the 2023 Rooted theme in The First Love ClubHouse fall membership. This exclusive addition to The First Love Club’s printable collection is crafted to inspire introspection, reflection, and a deeper connection with God.

Embrace Your Journey

ROOTED Magazine invites you to pause, reflect on the past year, and set your sights on the year ahead. With carefully curated journal prompts and dedicated spaces for your Godly Goals, this book becomes a cherished companion on your path of spiritual growth.

Scroll down to read the theme story of Rooted.

Features that Ignite Your Spiritual Reflection:

  1. Sheet of Scripture Writing, Listing and Journaling Prompts

Unlock the power of introspection with thoughtfully crafted prompts that guide you in expressing your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations in your book.

  1. Inspiration Boards

Let your creativity flow as you build boards that fuel your imagination and deepen your connection to God’s purpose for your year.

  1. Documenting and Memory Keeping for the Season

Capture the essence of this season in your life. Document cherished moments, experiences, and insights that mark this significant journey.

  1. Gratitude Pages

Cultivate a heart of thankfulness with dedicated pages to acknowledge the blessings that enrich your life.

  1. Favorite Quote Pages

Capture the wisdom and inspiration that resonate with you, and let them serve as beacons of guidance throughout your journey.

  1. Listers Gotta List Pages

Create your lists using our prompts and finish your pages with lots of fun stickers, washi and die cuts.

  1. Scripture Writing Pages

Immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of Scripture and let the Word of God illuminate your path. Write out your verses and embellish with your crafting supplies using your creative gift.

  1. Journaling Pages

Create a personal dialogue with God through reflective journaling. Pour out your heart and pray for His wisdom and guidance.

  1. Journaling and Reflection about 2023

Look back on the year that was, acknowledging growth, challenges, and the hand of God in every step.

  1. Godly Goal Planning for 2024

Set your sights on the future and chart a course towards spiritual and personal development.

ROOTED Magazine is not just an activity book; it’s a sacred space for you to draw nearer to God, explore your innermost thoughts, and chart a course towards a purposeful and God-centered life.

This book is a testament to the power of reflection and intentionality in our faith journeys. It’s a reminder that each day is an opportunity to grow deeper in love and understanding of our Creator.

*Embrace your journey with ROOTED Magazine. Get yours now and embark on a season of transformation and spiritual growth!*


Finished Book Size:

7” X 9.25” (you can choose to print 8.5”  X 11” by printing at about 120%)

50 PRINTABLE full-color pages


Print book on 32 lb. paper for the most luxurious crafting experience

Print pages DOUBLE-SIDED

Covers are separate files to print to cardstock


You can bind this book any way you wish, it’s totally up to you!

Cori’s preference: discbound. Amazon has a large variety of discs.



You will receive 1 zip file – for zip file help go HERE

File with main contents of the book

File containing the front and back covers

File with prompts for journaling, listing and scripture writing

Directions for printing at home or taking to a printer

Printing authorization letter


Theme Story for Rooted:

Filled with the bounty of our flourishing over the long summer, our souls take a much needed pause as we begin to root in deeper to our most valuable source and relationship: our Heavenly Father. This is the time for us to make preparations for the most peaceful and reflective season of the year. In nature, we are reminded not to despise the small beginnings as we consider the acorn. Nurtured by the right conditions, it’s tiny roots will spring forth and go down deep into the rich soil, nourished by the rain and sun sent by our Creator. Over the years, it becomes the mightiest of trees.

With that in mind, imagine yourself like a little acorn this season, your own roots going down deeply into the firm foundation that is in Him. No matter the storms that blow in life, those roots shall not let go.

As you think back over the year, identify the ways you have changed or grown, the wisdom you have gathered and what you will pray for as the future unfolds. Meditate and ponder on these things in your heart, giving thanks to God in all things.


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