Reposting: Silhouette America + TheResetGirl = True Love!

Friday, May 20, 2016

In November of last year, Silhouette America came to visit me and my husband, Mark (aka Mr. Crafty) at our home to film a Small Business Success Story. Mark and I are a huge fan of the Silhouette brand because, well, they changed our lives. In this video we share the back story of how Silhouette entered our lives and what we did with the machines. And since we filmed this video we have added 3 more employees! 

Silhouette's innovative machine gave us the ability to create a line of stickers we sell to customers in the planner community all over the world. Since joining this wonderful community two years ago, our lives have changed completely. Not only do I get to share and inspire others with my passion for creative planning, I also get to create stickers and stationery that others want to use in their planners and projects.  I will never cease being grateful to the planner community and all the support it has given me. I will always sing it praises and welcome new members. This video was intended not only to showcase our success but also to serve as an invitation to all girls out there who have yet to discover our awesome community! The planner community is calling your name!

Small businesses and Silhouette from Silhouette America on Vimeo.
Come shopping with us!

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NEW Planner Collection is Coming to Planner Town!

Friday, May 6, 2016

If you have been following me on Instagram you know that I have been counting down the days until the BIG SURPRISE REVEAL. Well, guess what? I have a great big HINT at what's to come!

Check out our video here:

One question for you: can you believe it?! 

This was the most fun day but I have to admit I felt like I was holding back tears most of the day. What a dream come true to be involved in a project like this one? Simple Stories rocked my world when they invited me to collaborate with them last year. After months of meeting, designing, approving…it’s finally here! I am over the moon excited to see my planner girl dreams come true, and am so thankful to the awesome team at Simple Stories for believing in me.

Fun Stuff Ahead!

To celebrate our products going LIVE in just THREE short days, we’re doing some fun giveaways on launch day! Also, when you order from you will receive an exclusive swag bags with qualifying orders and fun freebies! We can hardly wait until you feast your planner girl eyes on all of the TRG product goodness, so set your clocks for May 9th at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and watch the BIG REVEAL, live on Facebook!

Lists by Faith Devotional - Collaboration with The Reset Girl and Illustrated Faith!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's here! It's here! Earlier this year I was invited to collaborate with Shanna Noel, founder of Illustrated Faith, to bring my passion for listing to the faith community. It is an honor and a joy to be a part of this kit. Featuring special prompts that Shanna and I created together, plus my favorite shade of yellow and black/white patterns, this devotional makes listing your faith fun and meaningful. It's another awesome way to journal your faith and love for God and His word. I am honored to be part of it!

If you are a natural born lister I would love to invite you to join in the fun each month by downloading my fun monthly challenge ListersGottaList. Show off your lists on Instagram and also in the awesome community of listers on Facebook.

Love, Cori

Cori Spieker + Shanna Noel = CREATED Workshop

Friday, February 12, 2016

Are you ready for the CREATED WORKSHOP 
with Cori Spieker and Shanna Noel?
Join the unstoppable Cori Spieker from The Reset Girl and the oh so inspiring Shanna Noel from Illustrated Faith for an entire day packed with creative, faith-based planning and bible journaling!
Enjoy the spectacular natural setting of Dumas Bay Centre, located in Federal Way, Washington, a favorite meeting and special events venue in the Seattle/Tacoma area. The Dumas Bay conference rooms have a stunning view of Puget Sound as well as the Olympic mountain range…and did we mention a cozy fireplace? 

 The Faithful Planner Girl Class with 
Cori Spieker, The Reset Girl!

When you attend this workshop with a Christian theme, you’ll learn to set up a custom planner for bible study, journaling, faith and vision building, affirmations and note taking. Attendees will create dividers and tabs TRG style and get inspiration for building a planner to create and build a vision for their spiritual walk. Cori will share examples of bible journaling in a planner for those who don’t wish to use the bible for their art, as well as ways to use the provided supplies in the kit for decorating your new planner or journal.

You’ll be encouraged to journal, create and be all you can be, while listening to worship music and being uplifted. Cori will share some of her testimony and talk about the many stumbles on her own walk along with the triumphs.

Illustrated Faith Class with Shanna Noel

Shanna always scribbled notes during sermons, highlighted her favorite passages in the bible and had an affinity for cute office supplies. She started to combine her faith with those cute art supplies and something great happened as a result. Shanna found it easier to remember verses and relate them to her personal life. She also found a hunger for the word she had never experienced before.

During the afternoon session of the CREATED workshop, Shanna will be sharing with you exactly how she started to illustrate her faith. She’ll share a bit of her testimony. You’ll dive into the pages of your bibles as Shanna talks about some of her favorite techniques and tips for bible journaling!

Click here to grab your seat for this amazing, faith-filled day!

Join Cori and Shanna for a blissful day filled with creativity, color, fun and faith!
When: April 2nd, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Where: The Dumas Bay Center
3200 SW Dash Point Rd.
Federal Way, WA 98023
To create an intimate and cozy experience ONLY 50 spots will be available…get yours NOW before the workshop fills up!
Don’t have an A5 sized planner? No worries! Carpe Diem A5 planners and Illustrated Faith products will be available for sale before, during and after the workshop!
Price: $160 for a jam-packed, full day workshop including:
·       A creative planning class with Cori Spieker
·       A bible journaling class with Shanna Noel
·       A kit for EACH class (valued at $40 each)
·       A spectacular gift bag included with over $300 in products!
·       Catered lunch from the Dumas Bay Center’s private chef
A 20% discount on all Carpe Diem merchandise included!

Sign up here!

The Reset Girl's Planner Stylist Team

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Drum roll, please…
The Reset Girl would like to introduce our brand new Planner Stylist team! 
A Planner Stylist will show you innovative and creative ways to use and decorate your planners, so tune in to these 12 crafty creatives on their Instagram (IG) accounts as well as other social media outlets like YouTube and Etsy.

The Reset Girl's Goal Getter's Club

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Earlier this year, I had a vision to create THERESETGIRL’S GOAL GETTER'S CLUB within the Planner Community because planning for success is what we planner girls do best. Above all else, goal getting is what I am personally about and what The Reset Girl stands for. 
More than any other question I have been asked is, “Why do you call yourself The Reset Girl?” The short answer is that I believe in the ability to reset your life at any age, at any time, for any reason, no matter where you started from and no matter your circumstances. 
My “reset journey” started 7 years ago. At the age of 37, I became an empty nester as a single mom. I had no idea what to do with myself, but I knew that I wanted to live a new life with a new direction. I needed a complete overhaul. Methodically, I set new goals: To change careers, get my Bachelor’s degree, get more fit and find true love. Since then, I have accomplished all of those things and more.
Every tear I shed, every moment I felt so alone, my failures and my victories...these have all made me the person I am today. I dream of lifting others up so they can see themselves fly high! In this exciting chapter of my life, I am also a passionate planner girl, inspiring thousands of other planner girls on my INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE channel with my photos, tips, encouraging messages and how-to videos. I am the creator and hostess of the Listers Gotta List challenge on Instagram and FACEBOOK. In addition, my husband and I are accidental entrepreneurs, running THERESETGIRLSHOP together. We supply the planner community with beautiful and original planner stickers and decorating kits that make planning a form of creative expression. Encouraging women to use their creative gifts is one of my passions. 
Sign up HERE to join The Reset Girl’s Goal Getter’s Club, where I will be personally leading the Reset Your Life board and answering general vision and goal setting questions. 

Life offered me the option to push the reset button and start over, and what a blessing that decision has been. Thank you so much for joining me on this exciting journey. I can't wait to see where this year takes us!
Note: For a quick tutorial on how to navigate our new and improved website, click HERE.

The Reset Girl - Planning with Purpose in Italy

Friday, January 22, 2016

So many amazing things have happened for me, personally and professionally, in the LAST YEAR. I have you, my loyal followers and customers, to thank for the outpouring of love and support I’ve received. An important, life-changing lesson I have learned is that if you open your heart and mind to amazing things, they will happen for you! One of the things that happened for me was the offer to teach three new and exciting workshops at a week-long retreat in Bellagio, Italy. Without hesitation I said yes! 

Some of you may be familiar with Laura McCollough from A Kiss on the Chic. She has offered creative retreats in the past, some of which are faith-based. Lucky for us, she has designed an upcoming workshop retreat to encourage and inspire. I am thrilled to announce that she is hosting this amazing on the shores of beautiful Lake Como. 

Since then, there have been some updates to this creative planner girl’s dream trip that makes this opportunity even more wonderful for attendees, including a drastically reduced rate! It’s all happening in just a few months, during the week of June 25th through July 2nd. You can find an in-depth description of the classes being offered right here, then hurry on over to this page to register before all of the spots are taken!

Many of you know that I am a believer and you’ve heard my story on RESETTING MY LIFE. I am thrilled and blessed to share that journey with the ladies who’ll be in attendance! My goal is to help them thrive where they are now and strive for where they eventually wish to be. The three classes I’ll be teaching are as follows:

  • Plan with a Purpose Workshop – Have you ever wanted a “do-over?” While none of us can turn back time, we DO have another option! Are you ready to Reset Your Life? This amazing workshop is your first step toward your incredible transformation. First, you will learn what it means to build a foundation for resetting your life by building a healthy relationship with YOURSELF, how to truly understand yourself, and how to start showing yourself some love and kindness. We’ll explore how you can encourage yourself through setting strong goals, then finish up with building a customized planner to help you achieve your life reset.
  • The Crafty Planner Girl Workshop – Have you always wanted to create amazing planners like those you’ve seen all over internet? Do you dream of taking your planning to next creative level? Don’t you simply LOVE playing with gorgeous papers and cute stickers? If you said, “YES!” to any (or all) of these, THIS is the class for you!
  • The Faithful Planner Girl Workshop – Are you ready to take a walk deeper in your Christian faith? Sign up for this faith-building course and learn to set up a custom planner for bible study, journaling, faith & vision building, affirmations, and note-taking. You’ll create dividers and tabs, The Reset Girl style! Inspiration will be provided to you for building a planner and developing a vision for your own personal, spiritual walk.

I hope to see your smiling, creative faces in Italy! To learn more about Laura’s passion for these workshops and what you can experience, surrounded by ancient Roman villas and one of the deepest lakes in Europe, visit Laura’s blog to get the latest news on this fabulous retreat. Learn all about the Teachers and the classes they’re offering right here.

Get it Girl!
xoxo Cori

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