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The First Love Club Challenge Prompts: No. 8

The First Love Club Challenge Prompts: No. 8


One of our favorite ways to grow our faith in the First Love Club is by participating in our monthly scripture writing challenge! The First Love Club Challenge contains 16 scriptures for each month. Write them out in your journaling Bible, notebook or planner, then embellish with stickers, washi tape, stamping, or however your little heart desires. Be sure to share your pages in our Facebook group: The Reset Girl’s First Love Club!


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1 sheet of typed prompts

CORI’S SUGGESTED PAPER FOR PRINTING: Affiliate link included below

Prompts: matte sticker paper


Our weekly challenge allows you to choose from a group of scriptures we provide and write out as many as you like. We encourage you to decorate your pages and share in The Reset Girl’s The First Love Club, too. You can post once a day, once a week or anything in between.

Please share on Instagram with the hashtag #thefirstloveclub.

The format is easy peasy, and one of my very favorite ways to create with Scripture. Print out this The First Love Club Challenge printable and you are ready to go! Each week, you can choose one or more of the Scriptures listed to write out in a notebook, journal, margin of your Bible or planner page. Practice your lettering or just print by hand.

I personally use this time to really craft with the Word. Check out my video to see how I get crafty with Scripture using items from my stash to decorate and embellish, including unconventional materials like receipts, maps, tags and whatever else I find in my scrap stash.


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